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we serve as your trusted bridge to a global audience. With our finely tuned expertise in corporate communication solutions and earned media strategies, we’re here to ensure that your message resonates across the world. Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the digital landscape, allowing us to craft compelling narratives that transcend geographical boundaries.

Press Release Distribution Services:

Are you fed up with the present, expensive, and ineffective methods of distributing your Press release? Do you really need some one specialized in PR industry to help you distribute your PR to the right audience? Zeest Media is the only PR service provider that will not only assist you in the distribution of your PR, but will also assist you in the drafting of PR content, as well as developing a plan for targeting and distributing your PR on top news and media sites. We offer a full service package and act as your in-house public relations department. With the support of our administration, you will be featured on some of the most well-known media sites on the globe.

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Content Marketing:

One needs high-quality backlinks from websites with high domain authority in order to increase organic traffic and achieve strong search engine rankings. Zeest Media offers guest posting services and can publish your article on websites with high domain authority (DA). In addition to having high DA, the websites in our network also have strong traffic and cover a variety of industries. Now you can select relevant websites for your business and take advantage from guest posting. If you need help in selecting a website you can contact our 24/7 chat support and our team of experts will help you.

Digital Marketing:

In order to provide you the most possible online visibility, we offer expert digital marketing services, you can customize your package on your own, select targeted demographics and geographics to reach your potential audience. We put your brand in front of potential customers at the appropriate moment and on the appropriate screen. In our digital marketing package, we offer:

  • Pay per click
  • Social media marketing

Lead Generations:

Would you like to enhance your sales? Are you looking for ROI? We can provide you a perfect solution for leads generation with guaranteed results. Book a consultation with one of our experts, discuss the business details and get a quotation for your lead’s generation requirement. Today, there are several platforms available for lead generation, including social media, email marketing, cover letters, and cold calling. Long-lasting lead generation is a complex and important activity that calls for effective time management and contact with selective clients. Zeest Media emphasizes quality over everything. We priorities your items’ reputation as if it were our own and produce desirable to flawless results.




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Bragg Gaming Group Appoints Matevž Mazij CEO

TORONTO--(ZEEST MEDIA)--Bragg Gaming Group Inc. (NASDAQ: BRAG, TSX: BRAG) (“Bragg” or the “Company”), a global B2B gaming technology and content provider, today announced the Board of Directors (the “Board”) has appointed Matevž Mazij, Chairman of the Board, as Chief...