Washington, DC | August 10, 2023 03:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time

The International Association of Political Consultants (IAPC) released the following statement regarding the murder of Build Ecuador Movement Presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio:

“The assassination or even harassment of a political candidate is an affront to the democratic process,” said Matt Klink, President of the IAPC. “Violence has no place in a democracy. You can disagree with a politician’s point of view, you can demonstrate, but the place to exercise your voice is at the ballot box.”

“Democracy is fragile, and when violence is used to silence voices, everyone suffers.”

“We must focus our democratic energy on ensuring fair, open elections that allows for the fullest participation of all points of view. As political consultants we encourage our candidates and clients to be tolerant, respectful, and civil to voters and the opposition.”

“The IAPC’s mission is to support democracy around the world. We must continue to be vigilant in protecting democratic values against threats from those that try and thwart and subvert the will of the people.”

Established in 1968, The International Association of Political Consultants is committed to fostering democracy and the democratic process throughout the world. Members span a variety of political backgrounds and activities fostering the growing and diverse profession of political consulting as well as the practical aspects of democratic elections.

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